CreateSpace: Unlocking the Door to Publication

I would like to tell you about a service that has been a huge help to me and has made it possible for me to become a published author. As a writer, I've discovered that the actual writing process is the easy part. The difficult part comes when one wants to publish his/her work. The process of finding a publisher is tedious and time-consuming, not to mention frustrating. Now, thanks to CreateSpace, that is an issue I no longer have to deal with.

You see, I had thought about self-publishing before, but after looking through several websites and catalogs, I quickly discovered that I couldn't afford it. Many of the self-publishing services cost around $1,000, and that doesn't include the price of printing each book. That's when I found CreateSpace.

CreateSpace is part of If you go to the main Amazon page and scroll all the way to the bottom, you'll see a link that says “Publish with Us.” Clicking on that link will take you to CreateSpace, a self-publishing company. The process of publishing a book with them is so easy that even a child could do it. The website leads you step by step through the process of setting up your book project. They tell you how to format your pages, how to set up your book, and they even assign your book an ISBN number.

One of the newest features is their cover creator page. This allows you to use their templates to create your own book cover, or you can choose to design your own from scratch. The templates are very professional-looking and have a lot of ways you can adapt them to meet your needs (changing colors, fonts, etc.).

The entire process is very simple. You fill out the online forms to start your project. After that you upload your book file and create your cover. When that's done, you order a proof copy to make sure everything looks as it should. If all is well, you approve the proof, and you're ready to go. Your book will be available for purchase in the CreateSpace bookstore, on, and you can even sell it yourself from your own website. The entire process is amazingly quick!

With CreateSpace, you'll make more money from every sale than you will with traditional publishing, and the best part is that CreateSpace offers this service for FREE. There is no charge to create a book with them unless you wish to purchase their PRO package for a fee of $39. This package allows you to purchase your books for less and also to make more money in royalties.

If you're a writer and tired of looking for a publisher, I highly recommend CreateSpace. I have already published four books with them and am currently working on my fifth. I have been completely satisfied, and I can't explain the joy you will feel when you finally hold your published book in your hands.


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