Start Your Own Writing Business With No Money Down

It is possible to begin making money as a writer with no start up costs. If you need to start a writing business but have no money to get started with, here are some steps you should follow:

1. Open a free profile on and begin bidding on jobs.

2. Open a free profile on

3. Open a free profile on

4. Make a free online business card and submit it to search engines manually so you’ll have a web address for your business.

5. Start posting on sites that allow free listings (like

6. Include a free blog on your website. To get the attention of search engines, start blogging three 250 word articles (with search engine optimized keywords) three times a day. Make sure the blogs are about the kind of writing you’re selling.

7. Spend $8 on a courtesy bid on Elance. This will allow you to post a profile and bid on eight projects. If you choose these eight bids wisely you can get hired right away.

8. Put any work that you own the rights to on Constant-Content

9. If you have a book, post it on

10.Start subscribing to Yahoo and MSN groups that will deliver information about writing jobs to your email account.


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