The Most Lucrative Writing Jobs

The writing world is full of many opportunities. Blogging. Magazine articles. Books. E-books. Online articles. The list is practically endless. The good news is that with this many different avenues there is certainly no shortage of writing jobs available. The bad news is that it can often be confusing and frustrating to find your niche. What do you want to write? What are you qualified to write? Which writing is the most profitable?

While there are many forms of profitable writing, I would have to say that copywriting is probably the most lucrative. Copywriting is basically sales writing. When you go to a website that is selling a product, the information there is a form of copywriting. The letters you receive in the mail from various associations and organizations, those letters are written by a copywriter. Even most item descriptions in catalogs are the work of a copywriter. As you can imagine, the need for copywriters is immense; therefore businesses are willing to pay top dollar for quality work.

Not every writer has the skills necessary to become a copywriter, but it would benefit every writer to take classes and read books about the process of copywriting. In a sense, the skills are the same as those you would use to sell yourself as a writer or to sell your books and other products. If you think you may have the skills to become a successful copywriter, here are a few things to remember.

First, you must do your homework. If you're going to write a letter for a business or company, you must know all there is to know. How long has the company been in business? What is its main goal? What type of letter will you be writing? Who is the target audience for that letter? Copywriting is more than just sitting down at your computer and typing out a sales letter. You must get the facts before you begin.

Second, you must know how to structure your letter. Again, you're not just typing out a letter to a friend. In most cases, you are trying to convince someone to buy something. There is an order to follow in which you present your information and make your offer. Without the proper order, the reader is likely to throw the letter away without reading it through. Discover the proper structure for writing a solid copywriting piece, and then follow it without fail.

Third, be willing to start out small. While copywriting is a lucrative field, there is much competition. When first starting out, you may need to lower your price to win out against the competition. Once you've completed a few successful jobs and have some samples for others to see, then you can raise your prices a bit. Remember that just because you are lowering your prices doesn't mean you should lower your standards. If you have the mentality of “Well, they're only paying $100, so I'm not going to do $500 worth of work,” you might as well not even begin your career as a copywriter. No matter what the pay, give the project your complete attention and your best effort. Your thoroughness will pay off in the end.

Want to make more money writing? Consider copywriting, but as with any new task, learn all you can about the process. There are many different books, e-books, and classes dealing with copywriting available online. Learn what you can and then see if you have what it takes to become a success in that field. If not, don't consider the time wasted. As I mentioned earlier, copywriting skills are valuable to every writer.

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