Busting Freelance Writing Myths - Part Six

Myth 6: Giving 110% will be rewarded in online freelance writing.

Giving 110% is usually a good idea in the offline world, but in the world of
Internet freelance writing the only things this will bring you are bad eyes,
headaches, and carpal tunnel syndrome.

The key to online freelance writing is to avoid taking on too many jobs at once and
to make sure you get paid for an honest day’s work. The truth is that in the world
of Internet writing, giving 110% will only earn you a reputation as a good bargain
and get you lots of clients who expect you to work extra hard for less money. You
can’t afford to set such a precedent in a market where the going rate is already less
than $10 a page.

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Kahlilia said...

I search and recently came across your blog and have been reading along. It was wonderful blog.



Dana Rongione said...

Thanks, Kelsi! Even though I don't get to devote as much time to it as I would like, I enjoy doing it. I love to share knowledge, especially that pertaining to writing.

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