Busting Freelance Writing Myths - Part Four

Myth 4: Being an online freelance writer will give you more free time.

Being an online freelance writer will only give you more free time if you don’t do
much work. This will give you all the free time you want, but of course you won’t
make much money. If you want to make enough money to become self-sufficient,
then you need to put in as many hours as possible for bidding, pitching, promotion,
and the actual writing. The more projects you can do, the more money you can

It’s also important to remember that the life of a freelance writer is one of
deadlines. There’s no time for personal indulgences like sleeping in, taking time
off, or allowing personal problems to interfere with your work. If you miss too
many deadlines you will lose credibility as a writer.

Those who rely more on affiliate marketing in writing can afford to be lazier
because they are making money even while they’re not working. Affiliate links
are always online and the advertisements are running 24 hours a day, seven days a
week. On the other hand, affiliate marketing takes more time to get off the ground,
and the luxury of being lazy comes only after your affiliate business has become

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