Five Simple Ways To Boost Your Article Writing Confidence

By: Sarah E. White

Whether you're building a career as a freelance writer or simply writing articles to promote your website or products, having confidence in your writing ability is a key to being successful. But what if you don't see yourself as a great writer or don't feel like people should want to listen to what you have to say?

It's easy to build your confidence in your writing ability if you're consistent as both a writer and promoter of your articles.

1. Write every day. This seems pretty obvious, but a lot of writers or people who want to use articles as part of their marketing efforts don't take the time to write something every day. You don't have to finish a complete article every day, but taking even just a few minutes to write day in and day our will make you feel much more confident in your ability to write articles.

2. Don't try for perfection. It's easy to feel like every word you put out into the world has to be perfect, that every article must be beautifully formed, no matter how long it takes. But the truth is, just getting articles out in the world, even if they're not perfect, is a great way to boost your confidence because just getting your words out into the world will make you feel better. You'll also start getting feedback right away, which helps you improve your writing based on what other people are saying about your articles.

3. Keep putting yourself out there. When your articles or ideas are rejected by readers, it hurts. But you have to keep submitting articles or article ideas if you're looking to boost your freelance writing career. If you're an article marketer, you have to keep putting out articles to keep driving traffic to your website. Do your best to let go the ones that don't get a great response, and redouble your efforts to write good content in the future.

4. You are the expert. Remember that you are an authority on whatever subject it is you are writing about. You're sharing your expertise with people who are hungry for the information you have to share. Those people don't care if your articles are flawless (though it certainly helps if they're as clean and concise as possible); they just want the information your articles provide. Remember that whenever you sit down to write.

5. See what else is out there. Reading other articles, books and blogs in your area of expertise gives you a great idea what other people are talking about in your niche, as well as areas where people might have questions or worries. If you can answer those questions or set aside those fears in your articles, you're sure to make voracious fans who'll read everything you put out. There' no bigger confidence boost than that.

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